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Benefits With N4R


Easier access to your landlord
Ability to submit service requests anytime day or night.
Accountability of your landlord.
Additional source of record keeping for all requests or communication that you have had with your landlord.
Ability to accurately describe the issue and even provide pictures when needed
Repairs more likely to be performed in a timely manner by the proper contractor. Less people entering into your home and with minimal visits.
Less chance of issues getting forgotten or overlooked
Conformation of receipt by landlord for all communication sent.
No need for landlord to be registered with site in-order for you to take advantage of its benefits. You only need landlords email address and you can use the site.
Can be accessed by computer, smart phone, tablet, or any internet compatible device.


Easy access to your tenants at all hours
Additional source of easy record keeping by property including; what services have been requested in the past and how many times the same type of service has been requested, current phone numbers and email addresses provided by the tenant themselves.
Ability to hold tenants accountable for improper or frivolous service requests.
Conformation of receipt by tenant of any communication sent through the site.
Ability to attach pictures, documents, and copies of lease agreements to communication sent to tenant.
Ability to receive service requests with detailed descriptions, and pictures of the issue.
Less additional repair costs and secondary damages caused by improper contractors and/or misunderstandings of the issue.
Less hesitation by tenants to submit service requests and causing small issues to become more costly.
Ability to simply forward a service request to a contractor of your choice.
Easy reference to a contractor that can perform the service, but no commitment to any certain contractor.
No more bothersome phone calls for petty issues.
Can be accessed by computer, smart phone, or any internet compatible device.


Affordable direct advertising
Ads seen by the decision makers when they need to make a decision
Dedicated zip codes and services, only one contractor is shown per request
Ability to easily reference how many times your add has been sent
Ability to add your own logo and information.
Ability to update or change your information at anytime, and as often as you want
Ability to easily calculate cost per ad
Better descriptions of service requested means your technicians can be better prepared when arriving on-site and in effect add profitability.
Pictures of issues
Direct advertising to multiple property owners and property managers.