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Tenant FAQs

There are a couple of ways you can tell if your landlord is in the system. One way is to log in to your account and look under the Link Landlord field. In the search box, you can search for their business name and see if you can find them, or you can simply add their email address to the box and click Link. Even if your landlord is not in the system, we will send them your service request via email.
If your landlord doesn’t want to use the website you can still use it to send them service requests, as long as they have an active email address. The system will still work the same for you, whether your landlord uses the system or not.
Once you log in, click on Edit Account. This will have all your information you entered during the sign up process. If your address changes, simply put in the new address and click the Update button at the bottom to save your changes. Under the section Link Landlord, there is a box for your landlord's email address. You can remove the email address or you can change it and click the Link button under that section to save your changes.
If you forget your password, go to the login page and click the Forgot Password? link under the section that asks for your username and password.
If your landlord has set up their account to accept online payments, you will be able to pay your rent on the My Landlord page after you log in. If online payments are available, you will see a box that asks for the rent amount and a button to make a one-time payment online. We use PayPal as our payment provider so we don’t store any payment information on our servers. Your payment goes directly to your landlord and not a third party.

Landlord FAQs

Our software allows you to communicate with your tenants on a one-on-one basis. This feature also allows you to send them pictures or documents. Once you log in, click on Manage Tenants then click the Actions button to see your options. Select Message Tenant from the options. On this page, you will see any past communications and buttons for Send Message and Choose File. If you want to send a message to the tenant, you can type in the box and hit Submit. If you would like to attach a file to your message, click the Choose File button.
If you ever forget your user name or password, you can retrieve that information using the email address you registered with. To reset your password, visit the login page and click the Forgot Password link.
On the login page, you will see a check box that says Keep Me Logged In. If you check that box and log in, it will allow you to stay logged in even if you close your browser. However, if you clean your cookies you will have to log in again.
Once you are logged in, on the left side you will see a Linked Tenants button. From here, you can manage your tenants through the options on the Actions button, or you can send a mass message to all of your tenants.