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About N4R

Mission Statement

To improve the entire home rental industry by providing a network of landlords, property managers, tenants, and service providers a neutral location to communicate, document, and educate themselves on every aspect of the home rental industry.

Creating Solutions

By providing landlords, tenants, and property managers with a neutral online location to securely record information such as repair requests, regular maintenance, rent payments, messaging, rental credit history, vacancy advertising, receipt confirmations, etc., we are able to help our users drastically reduce the frustrations and costs that are usually associated with the home rental industry. By also providing a direct link to service providers who can comment, record, and archive through their own accounts, we are the only program that completely and effectively closes the communication gaps within the industry. In addition, by creating a network of these users, we are able to help them develop “best practice” activities based on what the industry as a whole is doing.

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