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Apartment Property Management Software

Apartment Property Management Software

Apartment property management software can be costly and difficult to use. Many times when you buy an apartment property management software program, you have to download and install on your computer. What happens if your computer crashes? You guessed it, you lose all the data you worked so hard to add to that apartment property management software program. You might use a few choice words and then have to accept that it’s time to start over.

That’s not a good plan! Another typical thing about apartment property management software is that it can be expensive. Whether you buy the apartment property management software in full and pay thousands only to need updates later or you pay monthly, the money adds up fast.

Our Software is Different…

Our apartment property management software is different. It is completely FREE for landlords and property managers to use. Simply create a free account and begin adding properties. An awesome feature with Network4Rentals.com is that tenants can add your properties for you.

After creating your account, you can invite your tenants using our Invite Tenant feature. When the tenant receives the email, they will enter their unit details, such as their address. Once they link to your account, you will receive communication and have to verify the information to complete the link. Review the information and add the property. Done! You now have one of your rental units in the system and you didn’t even have to add the property.

…It Has Multi-Level Functionality

One of the best features about our apartment property management software is that it has multi-level functionality, meaning there can be one main landlord/property manager account and multiple managers under them overseeing different buildings or locations. Our apartment property management software is completely scalable and is great for landlords or property managers who oversee 100-1000s of rental units by multi managers. Each landlord/property manager account comes with a personalizable webpage to advertise available rental units. Our system allows for those properties to be advertised on the individual managers webpage or all properties can be displayed on the main accounts webpage offering even more versatility and branding options.

If you are looking for the best property management software that is user friendly and scalable, then look no further. Start using our free apartment property management software today!

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