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Free Property Management Software for Landlords

If you are looking for free property management software for landlords to improve your landlord & tenant relations, Network4Rentals can help; and the best part is that it’s free. Network4Rentals.com was designed as an online program that could offer enhanced communications to landlords, property managers, and tenants.

You Can’t Go Wrong with Our Program

We have gone great lengths to ensure that the system benefits all parties involved. Network4Rentals is above and beyond just your average free property management software for landlords. Our program offers a complete communication tool that includes online service requests, online messaging system, free rental property listings, current landlord and tenant contact information, automatic archiving of documentation, the ability to create a positive rental history for creditors, and so much more.

We have found that offering sponsorship opportunities to local businesses and contractors has made it possible to provide the growing home rental market with a program that is really “free.”

Our free property management software for landlords provides the following:
  • Ability to contact tenants at any time
  • Ability to hold tenants accountable for improper or frivolous service requests
  • Ability to receive service request and pictures of the issue
  • Less hesitation by the tenants to submit repair requests
  • Added sources of record keeping
  • Fewer additional repair costs
  • Ability to easily forward a service request to a contractor of your choice
  • Easy reference to a contractor that can perform a particular service without commitment
  • Confirmation of receipt by tenant for any communication sent from within the site
  • Advertise available rentals with just one click

All of the above, plus this free property management software for landlords, can be accessed by your computer, smartphone, or any other internet compatible device.

If you have any questions, please check out our FAQs and/or submit your question on our Help & Support page and we will answer any questions that you have.