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Online Property Management Software

Online property management software
N4R is an online property management software tool that
offers landlords and property managers an easy way to manage
service requests, advertise available rental units, communicate
with tenants, and more.

Accurate Service Requests

Tenant-submitted service requests puts the accountability of the accuracy of the service request on the tenant who submitted the service request. Tenants can even attach a photo of the problem, giving the contractor or maintenance man an even better understanding of what they will be facing when they arrive at the rental unit. Many contractors with their experience may be able to diagnose an issue with an accurate description and photo alone. Meaning they can take all the parts and materials necessary to fix the problem with them on the first trip, saving both time and money.>

Free Advertising of Available Units

Service requests are just one feature of our online property management software. Another challenge landlords and property managers are faced with is advertising available rental units. Network4Rentals.com offers landlords and property managers a branded web page that displays only their available rentals units. It is completely searchable by search engines and can easily be shared on social networking sites with a simple click. There is no need to pay $1,000s of dollars to have a website developed (and more on an annual base to keep that site up and running).

Our FREE online property management software has you covered. Your web page allows you to have a professional presence on the web without the added cost. Upload a logo and a cover image and you’re live. It doesn’t get much easier than that!

Easy Messaging and Automatic Documentation

Sometimes overlooked, but maybe one of the best features, is the tenant messaging. Our online property management software offers landlords and property managers a way to have all their messages and communication between tenants to be documented in one place. When you send a tenant a message through our online property management software, the tenant receives an email and a message in their N4R account. Once they view the email or message, the landlord or property manager is notified, so no more wondering if they have seen your communication.

Our online property management software will save you time and money and can be accessed from any web capable device any time. Start your FREE online property management software account today!

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